giovedì 1 febbraio 2007

Writing a chess engine 1: to choose a programming language

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Some people mail me to ask how to write a chess engine. So i thought to write some columns to help them. From today i'm going to write a short description about writing a simple chess engine. First of all: English isn't my first language, so if you find mistakes, please sorry and mail me: i'll fix them.
In this column we'll talking about which is the best programming language to write a chess engine. The answer is simple: "The one you know best!". There are engines written in C++, C, Java, Delphi/Pascal, Visual Basic, Assembly...
Mizar is written in C.
From the web you can download a lot of source code and a lot of free compilers or IDE.
About C/C++ i suggest:
After that i suggest to use program like CVS to implement revision control.
Many of you have mailed me to say thank you about this column. Thank you too! But there's a better way to say "Thanks" by adding a link to this blog in your blog/website
To be continued... (next chess engine anatomy)

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